Libya Trade Network

Libya Trade Network


The Libyan Trade Network, affiliated to the Ministry of Economy, was established to manage and keep pace with the digital transformation in economy and e-commerce, in order to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Building a national database for the Libyan trade sector.
  2. Facilitating and developing foreign trade transactions.
  3. Keeping pace with the technical development of the Libyan e-commerce sector.
  4. Developing local capacities and training individuals and institutions in the field of trade.
  5. Enhancing the trade services transparency and decentralization.


Technical solutions for business transactions

Localization of technical solutions, and support for the use of technology in internal and external trade.

Building a database for the trade sector

Building a database for the Libyan trade sector to archive and document companies and transactions.

Follow up on customs operations

Follow-up of customs operations, shipping operations, transportation and cash transfers related to the trade sector.​

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Monthly Transactions
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