Main Tasks and Specializations

  1. Achieve technical and informational integration between local and international trade institutions.
  2. Implement digital transformation programs and projects in foreign trade and e-commerce transactions.
  3. Address the technical difficulties and obstacles facing the trade movement through the ports.
  4. Build a national database for the Libyan trade sector.
  5. Train and develop local human resources in the field of international trade and e-commerce.
  6. Contribute the development of the Libyan trade sector.
  7. Provide informational solutions and technical support for the completion of trade transactions.
  8. Monitor and organize the electronic stores and the services related to them in the Libyan market.
  9. Registering online stores and their related services in the Libyan market.
  10. Establish transparency and enhance the decentralization of services in the trade field.
  11. Classifying customers according to their trade performance, establishing transparency, and enhancing the trade services decentralization.
  12. Benefit from cooperation programs and technical assistance in the field with local institutions and specialized international organizations.