Main Programs and Projects:

Libya Trade Network conducts programs and projects in the following fields:

First: The Foreign Trade Sector.

  • Localizing the Trade Facilitation Query Unit (TFU)
  • Issuing periodic reports and bulletins on foreign trade transactions and ways to develop them.

Second: The Internal Trade Field:

  • Issuing daily bulletins on commodity prices in the local market, and trade statistics.
  • Providing services to consumers.

Third: The E-Commerce Field.

  • Localizing and running the platform for registration and organization of online stores in the Libyan market.
  • Participating in the development of local legislations to keep pace with the e-commerce developments.

Fourth: Building Local Capabilities in the Field of Trade:

  • Implementing the training and capacity building programs for local institutions and individuals in the field of trade.
  • Training and qualifying the commercial activity practicing tools to keep pace with the digital transformation in the trade sector.